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Thank you for your enquiry re a local Rakavan installation specialist.

Our company has gone through a major restructure recently, so our system of locating your local Rakavan experienced installer has changed. Since we care about you and the fitting of your vehicle, we would like to make sure that you receive the best possible service.

Could you please ring us on 1800 860 819 and we will contact the right person on your behalf ASAP?

The person we will provide you with will be a dedicated Rakavan installer and or reseller of our products to make sure that your vehicle is looked after in the best possible way and at the right price.

When you contact our online team please have this information Ready below.

  • The type of vehicle you have?
  • Is the work for one vehicle or a fleet?
  • The year model of your vehicle?
  • What kind of racking are you after?
  • How quickly does the job need to be completed?
  • What kind of business will it be for?

Your assistance with this will be most appreciated so that our team can assist you faster.