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Rak-A-Van – The First Van Shelving Company in Australia

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Rak-A-Van is the complete van shelving van racking and storage system. Our unique design and extensive range of Van Shelving Van Racking and accessories allow us to offer an endless variety of efficient, fully adaptable storage solutions for any type of trade, any type of vehicle. Thousands of builders, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths and technicians around Australia have chosen the unmatched durability and adaptability of the Rak-A-Van system. Why not get yourself organised with Van Shelving Van Racking and contact your Rak-A-Van distributor now.

The Rak-A-Van range includes:

  • RAK-A-VAN van shelving systems
  • racking shelving systems
  • van shelves & van racking
  • van shelving kits
  • medium duty van shelving (frame)
  • heavy duty van shelving (panel)
  • van accessories
  • van shelving equipment & racks
  • van storage systems & interior workshops
  • vehicle shelving
  • van truck shelving
  • van Ezirak cases
  • Ezirak parts storage
  • handwash units
  • fleet fitouts

Rak-A-Van Advantages

The Rak-A-Van Shelving System has been designed to give you the maximum storage capacity available and is currently being used by fleets and individual tradesman alike.

Suitable for installation in all vehicle models

Rak-A-Van is like your own personal caddy

More storage capacity for odd size items

Easy inventory control – reduces overstocking of expensive items and increases space for most used products

Fully adjustable

Vertical to gain the maximum use of your van height

Horizontal to follow the contour of the van and allow more aisle space

Maximum working space and fast access to all items

Optimises productivity – increases profits for your business

Frame Shelving – Medium duty storage visibility – weight loading up to 20kgs per tray.
Panel Shelving – Heavy duty storage – weight loading up to 50kgs per tray.
Bin Shelving Trays (T&P Range) – 20 sizes available
Open Shelving Trays (S range) – 12 sizes available
Lockable Shelving Trays – These are for storage of valuable items (tools etc.).
Sliding Shelves (ST Range) – High density storage trays that slide out to give you easy access to store small to medium components which can be used like a Rolashelf product – weight loading up to 20 kg per tray.
Van Storage Products – See our VAN ACCESSORY RANGE from storage of gas bottles to technical manuals.
The design allows for easy self-installation of the system.
Easy to change tray location… All fully adjustable.

EziRak – Multi Storage Ezipak Racks

These solid Australian Made metal racks are specially designed for Ezipak parts storage cases. EziRak slides out fully to utilise EziPak case RVEP with lid open, they also come equipped with highly engineered ball bearing slides made to last!

The spring loaded catch to ensure drawer stays closed during transit, it can be fixed to the floor as a stand alone rack or as part of our Rak-A-Van shelving system (requires RVERP packer kit to bolt into short bay) It is also available in a wide range of drawer combinations (can be bolted together to make multiple rows and levels)

Tradesmen quality product also suitable for home handyman or workshop!

Fleet Fitouts

At Rak-A-Van we are experts in Fleet Fit outs.

If you have more than one vehicle call our fit out team for the right advice, expert fitting and a competitive price: 1300 044 145.

We can expertly fit out your vehicles using our exclusive range of trade specific kits or we can customise the fitout to your specifications. Our team have been designing and installing all types of van storage solutions for over twenty years. Why not use our experience and hard earned know-how to ensure that your fleet has the best storage solution possible? Call Rak-A-Van today.

We offer a lot more than Rak-A-Van shelving. Our expert team can complete you fleet fit out with an extensive range of top quality accessories including: